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Genesis 27

What do you want so bad that you’ll sin to get it?

From the reader’s perspective, this entire episode is a tangled web of lying and deception. We could ask, “Whose fault is this mess?” Isaac the failed leader of his family and despiser of God’s Word? Rebekah the crafty manipulator and deceiver of her husband? Jacob the liar, the cheater, the swindler? Or Esau the unbeliever? All are to blame. The sad thing is…three of these characters are believers. Isaac, Rebekah and Jacob are all recipients of the Abrahamic Covenant. They are children of the King of the Universe. They should know better. Esau is the only one acting in character…he’s acting like an unbeliever. We shouldn’t expect him to act otherwise, but the others behave even worse. Ultimately the failure of each character is their failure to trust God…that He could bring about what He had promised…

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