Hey…my name is Matt, and I’m an early forty-something finance guy turned pastor. My wife and I have three awesome boys. I enjoy reading, backpacking, camping, wrestling with my boys and movies with my wife.

I love teaching the Bible. I also love teaching folks how to read and understand the Bible for themselves. I started this blog a few years back as a way of sharing some of the spiritual lessons that God was teaching me during a wilderness time in my spiritual journey. I started with great intentions, but life quickly got in the way and the blog faded. Recently I decided to revive the old blog and use it as a way to capture some of the spiritual insights and lessons that God was teaching me through my biblical community. As a result, a majority of the blog posts will fit in the biblical/spiritual/religious/theological category. I would love for you to be a part of my biblical community (even if it’s vicariously). My goal is to post once a week (we will see how that goes). May you be blessed by what you read.

BTW “stay salty” is a not so veiled reference to Jesus words in the Sermon on the Mount when He said that His followers were the salt of the world.

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  1. Your ministry is great. Iam tkankful to be part of your ministry but i need to help in order to understand link.so that i also can share my ministry with you.

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