A Mountain Climber’s Guide to the Spiritual Life…Background

July 29, 2006 is a date I will not soon forget. On that day, my best friend Dave and I, ventured to climb to the top of Long’s Peak, a 14er in Rocky Mountain National Park, near Estes Park, Colorado.¬†Our trek started around 2:45am, and the climb, although arduous, went without major incident until 9:15am when I lost my footing and fell 60ft down the side of the Narrows on the backside of the mountain… It’s a day that God taught me a number of significant things about Himself…not necessarily things that I didn’t already “know” theoretically, but things I came to know experientially. Over the coming weeks, I hope to share more of our mountain adventure and some of the¬†lessons I learned along the way. I welcome your feedback.