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Here’s our latest post from Nehemiah 1. This post is based on a sermon from our Advent series: Christmas at Central. Download the podcast at: Central Christian Church Main Service, or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Twitter: @ccclancaster. You can also download our Central Christian app in the iTunes App Store, Google Play or the Amazon App Store.

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Nehemiah 1

The situation in Jerusalem is desperate. The circumstances are dire. Seems a bit helpless and hopeless. Enter Nehemiah, the cupbearer for the king. Feeling overwhelmed, he fasts and prays. He intercedes for his people. He confesses sin, asks for forgiveness and seeks restoration. His confidence is clearly in the great and awesome God of heaven…the faithful and loving God.

Do “dire circumstances” sound familiar to you? Maybe that’s been your life over the last year or so. Maybe that’s your life right now. So what should you do? Allow the circumstances to overwhelm you or trust in the God who is above the circumstances…the great and awesome God of heaven?

What’s causing you to “weep and mourn” today? What burden are you carrying? What sin do you need to confess? Where do you need the Lord’s help? How about others in your life? Take some time now right…

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