The Return of the King – A Message of Hope

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Central Christian Church

As we enter the advent season, let’s remember to be mindful of both Advents. Yes, we celebrate the birth, life, ministry, atoning work on the cross and the Resurrection of Jesus our risen Lord, but we must also be mindful of His return.

As Christians, we live between the times of the First Advent and the Second Advent.

We affirm that Christ has come, He is present in the world today, and He will return as King in glory and power.

In Genesis 1 & 2, we’re told that God created a perfect world, a good world were there was no sin and no death. No crime. No hatred or animosity. No need for escape. It was paradise.

But that good world was fractured when we chose to rebel against our Creator and now sin and death are a part of our experience on this planet.

But even in the midst…

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