Blurred Vision

Check out my latest Genesis post from Genesis 31. This post is based on our Genesis series. Download the podcast at: Central Christian Church Main Service, or follow us on twitter: @ccclancaster.

Central Christian Church

Genesis 31

Drama seems to follow Jacob everywhere. Maybe some of you guys can relate. Esau. Isaac. Rachel. Leah. Laban. When is he going to get a break?

For the first time Jacob acknowledges God’s hand in the events of his life. God sightings are everywhere as he recounts his ongoing struggle with Laban. Jacob sees himself as an innocent victim, a pawn in the hands of his diabolical father-in-law. He sees his actions as totally legit, and if not for God’s intervention, he would be without wives or children, homeless and penniless. Yet we’ve followed Jacob’s journey. While it’s true that God has been working behind the scenes providing for and protecting Jacob, most if not all of his troubles are of his own doing…deceit, manipulation, cheating, lying, partiality.

Laban paints himself out to be a nice guy. According to him, he loves his daughters and is generous to a fault…

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2 responses to “Blurred Vision

  1. ________________________________ Dave,

    Perhaps Matt’s post fails to distinguish between people made in the image of God (everyone, including Laban) and people who receive the blessings of the promises made to Abraham (his human descendants and, more important, those who receive the eternal blessings by faith).

    I’m still thinking.


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