In the Image of God

Check out this latest blog post from our Genesis series.

Central Christian Church

Genesis 2.4-25

As I reflected on this passage and especially how it relates to Genesis 1.26-28, I kept coming back to the question, “How do my beliefs about creation impact my view of life?” As Moses drills down on the image of God in man and the implications thereof, it has a huge impact on my relationship with God, my relationship with myself, and my relationship with others.

Far from being an accident, God is intentional about His creation. We are more than the product of time and chance…we are not a cosmic accident. We were created, we were fashioned to have a relationship with the Creator. Unlike the gods of the Egyptians, who were distant and impersonal, the God of Israel is both personal and powerful, imminent and transcendent. He is Yahweh Elohim (LORD God). When the Hebrews that the LORD was concerned with them and that He had…

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