Who am I?

Who am I…

My son came in the other day. Once again he had gotten a discipline notice at school. Again for being the class clown. I asked him, “Why do you feel like you have to cut up in class? You are a bright student and a natural leader. Kids like you, but you are developing a reputation so that parents are not so eager to have you around their boys. Your attempts to be popular are having the opposite affect.”

His response broke my heart…”Daddy, if I don’t make them laugh, they won’t like me.” How often had that same lie been whispered in my own ears on countless occasions. For my son it was making his classmates laugh, for me it’s being well-liked as a teacher and preacher, being an A student, being considered a great athlete. The lie pulsates and grows, wrapping its tendrils around my soul. “If you don’t ____, they won’t like you. They won’t except you. You are worthless.”

I think I first started listening to the lie about the same time in my life that my son is now going through. And now 30+ years later I’m finally beginning to see the lie for what it is. You see, I told my son that day, “It’s not being the smartest, or the prettiest, or the funniest, or the fastest, or the coolest, or the richest, or the most successful. It’s not having the biggest house or the fatest bank account or kids in the right school. It’s not the praise and the accolades of others that bring significance. It’s being a son of the King. That’s what gives you value. That’s what makes you special.” And as I said that to my son, something shifted for me. A weight lifted. And my son, by accident…yeah right…dispelled the lie that I had been seduced by for so long.

I pray that you too will see the lie for what it is. Your value comes, not from what you do, but from who you are in relation to the King.

Until next time, stay salty.

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