Desperate faith

Luke 8 ends with two stories intertwined…the story of Jairus’ twelve year old daughter who is near death and the story of the woman who has had a hemorrhage for twelve years.

While thinking about the woman, it struck me that here was a woman whose life was consumed by her condition. It had been twelve years. She had seen all kinds of doctors. She had spent all her money. Her condition made her an outcast (she would have been considered unclean) – no societal contact, no worship, no life. But she’d heard about Jesus. She knew that if she could just touch the hem of His garment, He could not only heal her, but in the process, also make her clean. So she’s on a quest to reach Jesus. It’s likely no one else noticed her. They were busy with their own lives. Yet she was there. And she reached out and touched His garment, and she was healed.

Her plan was to escape notice and melt back into the crowd, but Jesus had something else in mind. He put her on display. Though no one else took the time to notice her, Jesus did; and He celebrated her faith….

We all have a story. It may not be as dramatic or tragic as the woman’s story. But we all have one. Some of our stories drive us toward Jesus and some away. My prayer is that we become more like Jesus in this way: that we notice those whom others overlook, that we listen to their story, and that we point them to Jesus. He loves to celebrate desperate faith.

Until next time, stay salty.


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