Rule of 5

At Catalyst this spring, John Maxwell talked about the concept of the Rule of 5. The Rule of 5 asks the question: what 5 things will you do everyday that will help you realize your full potential in an area of life (professionally, personally, etc.)? It takes a longterm view of growth. Think crock pot and not microwave. It also requires patience and intentionality and recognizes the inherent value in the journey. It’s training for the race of life. Much like discipleship.

It prompted me to start thinking about my own rule of 5. What are the 5 things that I currently do or should be doing to grow personally and professionally. I quickly came to 4 that I was already involved in: reading Scripture broadly, memorizing Scripture, translating Greek and Hebrew, voice exercises. I decided to add reading for enrichment (theology, spiritual life, leadership, church history, teaching/preaching technique) to the mix. As one who loves to preach and teach, my rule fits me and how God has gifted and called me. It’s a part of His redemptive work in my life. Your rule will be different based on how God has wired you and the ministry He’s given you. Whether you are a pastor or a banker or a school teacher or a mom or a factory line worker, whatever the ministry God has given to you, discover your rule of 5.

I heard someone say the other day that experience alone does not make us better. It is only evaluated experience that allows us to grow. Your rule can be a way of evaluating your experience and a tool that God uses to grow and continue His redemptive work within you.

I encourage you to live life on purpose. Follow Jesus with intentionality. Discover and follow your rule of 5. Stay salty.

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