Pride. It’s such an insidious thing. It’s haunted us since our parents fell for the whole, “You can be like God” thing in the garden. It seems to dog my every step. And just when I think I’ve dealt it a fatal blow, it rears it’s ugly head again.

My particular flavor of pride tends to be rebellion these days. I really don’t like to submit, especially in areas I consider myself somewhat of an expert. Of course expert is a bit of an overstatement. It’s the area I should be an expert in. It’s what I was hired for and get paid to do, but I’m far from an expert. But still that doesn’t stop me from feeling slighted when I’m put in a position where I have to submit to someone else’s ideas and preferences. I want to grumble and complain. I want to rebel. I want to be in charge. I want to be my own god.

But there’s only one God and any rebellion is rebellion against Him. My failure to submit is my failure to submit to Him. Neither Peter nor Paul gives us a way out here. We are called, I am called, to submit to those God has placed in authority over me just as if I were submitting to Him (because I am). He is the one who has placed them in authority over me, for my good ultimately. To make me more like Jesus. But it’s hard. And I fail miserably.


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